Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm a Production Assistant and Multimedia Artist in my final year of a Media Arts BA at Plymouth University. I am passionate about Media Archaeology, and I am fascinated with obsolete technology, trying to find ways to incorporate analogue and digital elements in my practice. I am proficient with the Adobe Suite, and enjoy creating animations within After Effects.

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The project Generation Loss is interested in remediating, and giving a new lease of life to obsolete forms of media. The initial inspiration for this project stemmed from the research that I did for my dissertation on Analogue Nostalgia and Instagram Film Filters. It caused me to think about how the aesthetics of film photography have been co-opted and used to create images that seem to be taken on film, but are in fact not, posing questions about authenticity and intent.

Some of the primary research that I conducted involved the use of 35mm slides, which I had purchased on eBay in bulk. I was interested in their aesthetic and the contents that they hold, and their function as cultural artifacts. I would argue that I feel nostalgic when viewing these slides, not only because of their (albeit distant) personal and sentimental content, but also for the medium itself, as it has been rendered slow and inconvenient as a result of digital imaging, meaning that the communal experience of viewing the slide on a projector is also gone, and the images now sit in a box collecting dust, losing meaning and purpose as time progresses.

I am also interested in Media Archaeology, and the experience that the slides, as well as much of the other forms of obsolete technology provide, as I feel that tactility is somewhat missing in the modern world of digital content. The question that I want to tackle with this project is the slides' potential for remediation and reuse, in order to create work that gives a 'new lease of life' to the dead medium. I plan on accomplishing this through a series of technical experiments, feeding the footage through a loop of obsolete technology, building up layers of texture and hopefully exploring the degradation of an image through repeated processing. This is why I feel the term Generation Loss is a suitable title for the project, it acts as both a description of the process, as well as a metaphor for the 'loss' of a previous generation's memories, as the mediums of recording that they used are, in modern terms, obsolete.